Beautiful. Reliable. Versatile.

Wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music, get your own
collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather
conditions in your area, and light up the darkness with a
powerful built-in flashlight!


  • Wake up to your favorite music
  • Set multiple alarms with different tunes
  • Background alarm support: alarm will go off even if the app is not running!
  • Easy access to the nearest alarm from the main screen
  • Huge Snooze/Stop alarm buttons
  • Add your notes to the alarm
  • Adjustable volume of Sounds/Music
  • Vibrate / Fade in / Snooze options
  • Shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off


  • Exclusive designer clocks
  • Vertical and horizontal modes
  • 12 or 24 time format
  • Show/Hide seconds
  • Show/Hide day of the week
  • Auto-Lock when plugged in ON/OFF
  • Auto-Lock when on battery ON/OFF
  • Customizable auto-lock time


  • Check live weather conditions and temperature
  • Automatic detection of your current location and weather conditions display in your area
  • Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose
  • Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius
  • Show Weather ON/OFF


Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight


  • Use the shortcut on the main screen to go directly to the sleep timer settings
  • Create your own playlist with your favorite songs
  • Shuffle music ON/OFF
  • Adjust the volume of Music/Sounds
  • Go to sleep to white noise

Download & get in touch

Free version with in-app purchase available.  Download here.

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