Note Taking made easy!

Draw, capture, scribble, sketch out, mock up, record, or just plain write down anything, anytime, anywhere!


Natural feel & flow of pen to paper – make note taking a breeze! Choose from a selection of pens, highlighters and colors for true handwriting experience. Emphasize with colorful marker pens, instantly write down your thoughts, ideas, scribbles, brief memos, projects, diaries, brainstorming results, inspirations, knowledge, and so much more.

Handwriting has never been so easy!

Trying to find your creative spark? Let your thoughts flow before the bright bulb goes out! Whenever ideas and plans spring up, catch them on the go and start creating - sketch, draw and mix colors!

Tweak and tune those pens, markers and styles with endless possibilities for experimenting!

Switch from handwriting to typing and take advantage of our handy selection of fonts,
colors, and sizes - accomplish every note-taking endeavor you might have!


Bring order to your creative world! Keep, organize and protect every tidbit of your ideas, inspirations and knowledge at fingertips. Share your notes and notebooks: email, print, save to Photos or open in other apps.

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