Calculator done the right way!

Apparent ease, modern elegance and powered up performance – all in one easy-to-use solution for the best feature packed calculating experience!

Basic and Advanced


Simple to cover life's daily basics yet powerful enough to do advanced math solving!

Efficient in every way!


Unit & Currency Converter
Adjustable skins: pick the look to suit your own preference
Big keypad for comfortable use
MR, MC, M+, M- memory buttons to help you out with whirlwind of multi-step calculations
Degrees and Radians calculations
Track Calculations History: view, save, delete the selected equation or clear all
Comment equation, e-mail calculation results and comments


FOR ALL KINDS of Calculations

Calculator Pro for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. No complicated layouts every now and then!

For college classes, school studies, budgeting, home finances, business accounts or whenever you need it!

Download & get in touch

Free version available.  Download here.

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