Unwind and relax. Get the perfect escape
with Relaxing Sounds for Me.

Relaxing sounds are perfect to:

Fall asleep and sleep better at night
Rest your mind after a long day
Cut off unwanted noises (household and neighborhood noises, snoring)
Focus at work and boost your creativity by blocking distractions
Disconnect when you need a quick power nap
Create a relaxed environment when traveling on a plane
Wind down from a busy day in an unfamiliar place
Sleep better on the road and when you're staying in a hotel
Soothe baby, put the baby to bed or down for a nap

Rich collection of sounds:

  • Forest Rain
  • Sea
  • Ocean
  • Fireplace
  • Wind
  • Thunderstorm
  • Birds
  • Cat Purring
  • White noise
  • And more

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